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What is a TriClub?
A TriClub, or Triathlon Club, is a group of individuals who train and race together as triathletes. It is a way for like-minded athletes to socialize, train, race and cheer others on as a group. 

Types of TriClubs:

TriClubs come in all shapes and sizes. Some have 2 members and some have thousands. Some clubs are female only or male only but most are co-ed. TriClubs can be collegiate, for profit, not-for-profit or 501(c)(3), competitive teams or purely social. Some clubs charge annual membership fees while others are free to join. 

TriClubs welcome athletes of all abilities and speed to join and you can even find clubs that are also coaching companies where you have direct access to coaches who will help fine tune your form, motivate you to be the best you can and help you cross the finish line stronger than when you joined the club. 

Benefits of joining a TriClub:
Triathlon is an individual test of fitness but most triathletes prefer to train with a group of people. Being a part of a TriClub makes this possible. A TriClub is a place where you will make lasting friendships, training partners and most importantly, race day support and cheerleaders. Because TriClubs consist of members at all levels – beginner to expert, you will gain a wealth of triathlon knowledge from what gear to buy, what clothes to wear, where to train and how to race.

TriClub Competitions:
TriClubs can register with USAT and IRONMAN. When they do this, they are eligible to compete in triathlon club competitions across the country and the world. Clubs compete for money, prizes, points and awards. To learn more about these programs please use the links provided here: USAT TriClubs and IRONMAN TriClubs.

Interested in joining a TriClub?
Contact us at [email protected] to find a TriClub near you. Be sure to include what city and state you reside in. Based on your location and any other specifications you may have, we will send you a list of clubs to research and contact directly for more info.