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2019 Women For Tri Triathlon Club Grantees

868 Triathlon, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago

Atomic Betty, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Canterbury Triathlon Club, Ashburton, New Zealand

Clermont Triathlon Club, Clermont, Florida, USA

Colorado Wildwomen, Littleton, Colorado, USA

District Triathlon, Washington, DC, USA

Endurance Multisport, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Etgarit Otef Gaza, Mefalsim, Israel

Expatriés International Triathlon Club, Paris, France

Fitzroy Frogs Triathlon Club, Frenchville, Australia

G3 - Gainesville Triathlon Club, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Golden Gate Triathlon Club, San Francisco, California, USA

Gulf Coast Multi-Sport, Slidell, Louisiana, USA

Knox Triathlon Club, Mountain Gate, Australia

LA Tri Club, Los Angeles, California, USA

Lake Houston Bike and Tri, Kingwood, Texas, USA

Landis Triathlon Club, Tempe, Arizona, USA

MAPSO Tri Club, South Orange, New Jersey, USA

Momentum Multisport Association/Valley Womens TriHUB, Wolfville, Canada

Parent Tribe, Concord, California, USA

Playmakers Triathlon Team, East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Racing Multi Athlon (RMA) Paris, France

Ridgewood Tri Athlete, Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA

ROCKtri Ladies, Singapore, Singapore

RYPE Inc, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Savage Tri Team, Paulsboro, New Jersey, USA

San Francisco Triathlon Club, San Francisco, California, USA

Singapore Women’s Triathlon Club, Singapore, Singapore

Speed Sherpa, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Stafford Triathlon Club, Stafford, United Kingdom

Synergy Racing Development, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Team T-Rex Triathlon Club, Gold Coast, Australia

Temora Running and Multisport Club, Temora, Australia

The Fort Lauderdale Triathletes, Coral Springs, Florida, USA

TorontoTriathlon Club, Toronto, Canada

Tri Club Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tri Limits, Dungannon, United Kingdom

Tri Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA

TriQueens, Kiev, Ukraine

Tucson Tri Girls, Green Valley, Arizona, USA

Virgin Islands Triathlon Federation, Christiansted, Virgin Islands

Western Islands Police Triathlon Club, Midland, Australia

Women For Tri 2019 Community Building Grant

New in 2019, Women For Tri will award its first “Community Building Grant” for $10,000 to She Can Tri in partnership with Free To Run. She Can Tri is training four women as Afghanistan’s first female triathletes. The program works to support women and girls in conflict areas through adventure sports, building their physical, emotional, and social well-being to develop them into community leaders so they can bring people together across cultural, ethnic, and religious lines. “We believe in empowerment through athletics,” said She Can Tri Founder Jackie Faye, the first woman to complete six IRONMAN® events on six continents in 12 months and a Kabul, Afghanistan-based journalist. “Our athletes are racing for equality, because when women see what they can achieve in sports, they start pushing boundaries in other areas of their life as well.” The women have their sights on representing their country in the 2020 IRONMAN 70.3® World Championship, after which they will assume leadership of the program to grow the community of female triathletes in Afghanistan.

Women For Tri Triathlon Club Grants

The purpose of the Women for Tri Triathlon Club Grant Program is to support triathlon clubs as they undertake activities including clinics, seminars and educational lectures, social gatherings, and related activities to increase women's participation in triathlon. In 2019, Women For Tri will again be offering grants of up to $2,500 each to triathlon clubs dedicated to the Women For Tri mission. These grants are available to triathlon clubs both in the United States and internationally and are not limited to women-only triathlon clubs.

The Women For Tri Triathlon Club grants funds may be used for, but not limited to:

  • Training for women triathletes, with a focus on removing barriers to participation. Examples include open-water swim clinics, tire changing clinics, transition clinics.
  • Recruitment programs and materials. Examples include recruitment events, web development, marketing materials.
  • Educational programs. Examples include seminars with featured speakers, rental and use of appropriate facilities, materials for participants.
  • Networking and social gatherings, with a focus on recruiting and engaging women in participation of triathlon. Examples include group events in conjunction with training or educational programs, events after local triathlon competitions, gatherings at or near event expos.


The grant funds may NOT be used for:

  • Triathlon gear
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Club membership fees

Women For Tri may withhold approval of any specific use of grant funds.

Grantee Requirements
All Grants awarded must be utilized within six (6) months of receipt. Grant funds not utilized must be returned to Women for Tri within seven (7) months of receipt of funds. Grant recipients (“Grantees”) must submit a written Recap Report and itemization of receipts within one (1) month of completion of the program supported by the Grant. In any public materials promoting Grant-supported programs, Grantees must use the Women for Tri logo or #whywetri. Grantees should participate in supporting all Women for Tri social assets, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. The report must document social media utilized by Grantee during the Grant period. Grantees must also agree to take the "I Am True" anti-doping pledge.

All Grantees will be required to acknowledge the Grant on social media in the following manners:

  • Photos or videos of program on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. using the hashtags #whywetri and #womenfortri
  • Testimonials from program participants (video, blog, jpg, meme, etc.) using the hashtags #whywetri and #womenfortri
  • Posting ongoing updates to the Women For Tri Facebook group page
  • Grantees may be required to complete (as directed by IRONMAN and The IRONMAN Foundation) an Affidavit of Eligibility, Release of Liability and Publicity Release (where permitted by law).

Please see more information regarding eligibility and evaluation consideration HERE.

Questions?  Please contact [email protected]

Check out some of our amazing Triathlon Club Grant Recipients below:

The All Women's Tri Team

Five years ago, the All Women’s Tri Team was formed to focus on enabling and encouraging women, particularly those of color, to participate in triathlons. The All Women’s Tri Team has 40 members in their TriClub from the NYC, Long Island and New Jersey areas. Being located around a city, it’s often hard to find access to adequate training facilities and spaces to provide training seminars to the members of the team. With the Women For Tri grant, All Women’s Tri Team was able to bring five new members onto their team and allowed the new members to be able to travel to accessible areas for training. All Women's Tri Team was also recently featured for their efforts of bringing women into the sport of triathlon in Triathlete Magazine.

The G3- Gainesville Tri Club

Learning, training and racing together in a positive social environment is something that the G3 TriClub takes tremendous pride in and strives towards accomplishing every day. In contrast to all that the club has accomplished, they have faced several barriers in regards to participation and finances. With a Women For Tri club grant, G3 was able to host many events that increased overall participation and funded clinics that helped introduce 10 new female triathletes to the sport of triathlon. They created a Mentor/Mentee program that was launched this past November, as well as swim and flat tire changing clinics. Overall, this funding increased the club’s exposure and allowed them to provide services to their members that will give everyone more experience in triathlon.

The Mullica Hill Women's Tri Club

Mullica Hill Women’s Tri Club (MHWTC) is a USAT-certified Tri Club and currently has over 700 members. They strive to empower women through the sport of triathlon help them overcome their insecurities within the sport. A tool that is vital in helping their members overcome these insecurities is proper training opportunities, although it is often difficult to find the time and funding to provide such things. With a Women For Tri grant, MHWTC saw 220 new female members added to their TriClub, 130 of whom entered into their very first IRONMAN race! Thanks to the training sessions and mentoring sessions the grant funding allowed MHWTC to offer, these athletes have overcome many of their fears and are now more comfortable, confident and successful triathletes!

The Fort Lauderdale Triathletes

Fort Lauderdale Triathletes is a club that is all about perpetuating a healthy lifestyle through the collaboration of multi-sport athletes. As triathlon can often be an intimidating sport, Fort Lauderdale Triathletes struggled with the ability to get their message of inclusivity out to encourage more women to become a part of their club. With a Women For Tri grant given to them, the club was able to offer an annual membership to each woman participating in their program, which gave them a sense of integration and stronger community. A total of 20 new women joined their club, one specifically being 51-year-old, Urania. The thought of competing in a triathlon had never even crossed her mind until she was given the opportunity to train in this club with the help of the Women For Tri grant. Urania competed in her first sprint triathlon, and her life has been changed forever by being brought into a community of encouraging and uplifting female triathletes!

Ridgewood Triathlete 

Recently named Best Tri Club in the Northeast by Competitor Magazine, Ridgewood Triathlete provides weekly group workouts, monthly socials, as well as a list of discounts to their club members in order to network and share knowledge amongst the triathlete community. While RTA has experienced barriers of athletes experiencing self-doubt or lack of knowledge about the sport, a grant from Women For Tri enabled the club to foster an environment that reduced these intimidation factors for their female athletes. The main event that funding went toward and brought in 31 new female members was hosting social events for local female athletes. This allowed these local females to be introduced to new friends, and begin to share a bond through triathlon. These 31 female triathletes are now armed with confidence, deeper knowledge, and sense of joy that triathlon has brought them!

Playmaker's Triathlon Team

The mission of Playmaker’s Triathlon Team is to empower members of the Mid-Michigan community to adopt and sustain a healthier and more active lifestyle. The team often faces hesitation from women due to fear that they will not be able to ever do a triathlon, or fear due to their lack of knowledge of the sport. To make a more comfortable and open environment for their female members, Playmaker’s Triathlon Team used their Women For Tri grant to pay additional coaching hours in order to host women specific clinics. With the female triathletes becoming more comfortable and knowledgeable about the sport of triathlon, a total of 25 new members joined the team!

Ocean City Swim Club

The open-water swim part of a triathlon is often considered the most difficult and frightening thing to most triathletes, especially those who are beginners. Ocean City Swim Club’s mission is to create opportunities for athletes to discover their own place in the waters and positively impact our view towards our bodies of water. After somewhat repetitive open-water training methods, the Ocean City Swim Club was able to expand the women-only training programs with additional funding provided by a Women For Tri grant. To increase the diversity of the women’s training, the club created three pool training sessions, a Pool Open Water swim meet, as well as multiple seminars and social gatherings to utilize the camaraderie and support throughout the club – and they even welcomed 10 new members!

The Boca Raton Triathletes, Inc.

A multi-time Women For Tri grant recipient, the Boca Raton Triathletes are an all-inclusive club for all levels of triathlete. As a result of their Women For Tri grant, they were able to bring in 32 new female members! They hired professional coaches, held clinics focused on swim techniques, time management, bike maintenance, strength, and nutrition, and even hosted mock triathlons. Their club membership has gone from 41.7% to 44.8% female in the last year and with the remainder of their funds they were able to provide race day childcare for their female athletes, as well a create race day hats and certificates of accomplishment.